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Dance With the Devil & Seize Your Power: Call Me By Your Name

The gays are up to their shenanigans again, and I am living. Lil Nas X is in what Christians, self-proclaimed spiritualists (but really just Christians with extra steps), and weird people on Twitter would probably call hot water after the release of his new music video “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).” If you’re not a Lil Nas fan or don’t listen to much hip-hop then you should check out the video hyperlinked in the last sentence.

Sexual Racism & Asian Hate in the Recent Georgia Attacks

Before we even get two sentences deep into this article, I’m just going to go ahead and call Robert Aaron Long’s attack what it is: a hate crime. Period. For me, and the law according to Georgia’s statutes, it is, in fact, a hate crime. A crime that is first a crime and secondly committed out of bias is absolutely what this was. While Long may claim that his attacks were not racially motivated, he was still targeting women. That’s a hate crime.